SOUTH ST. LOUIS ( - Missi Ryan owns the two-story building at Indiana and Potomac and hopes to rent the bottom level to a local business, but another business is already claiming it as their own.

“We started getting knocks on the door, even notes on the door, that they were ripped off by Maven,” said Ryan.

With just two stars, Maven Garage Door Repairs is listed at 3501 Indiana on Google. There are reviews claiming they are lying about their address and scamming people. One reads, “Why would you be such jerks and rip people off?”

“It’s very upsetting that someone would seek us out looking for this business that doesn't exist,” said Ryan.

There are no other results on Google or Facebook for a St. Louis company called Maven Garage Door Repairs.

“They just don't exist, no registered business, no business license, they’re just not real,” said Ryan.

But they do have a phone number. News 4's first two calls ended with the person hanging up, but the third call revealed some answers.

“Channel 4 baby, that's what going on, it's called a typo, it’s also one thing you might want to tell your viewers or listeners, don't trust the internet,” said a man who only identified himself as Phil with Maven Garage Door Repairs.

He proceeded to change the story about the address several times over the phone. He said they did not scam customers but some experience “buyer’s remorse.” When asked if he would change the address he said no.

“There's nothing at the address, it's a business address,” said the man on the phone. ”Listen, the reason we have the address is because it's the center of town and we picked it because it's the center of town so when people Google us, it pops up.”

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) says they have received calls about the company and they’re investigating. But the BBB says there is not much a property owner can do if someone is using their address fraudulently.

Several hours after we spoke with the company, the listing disappeared from Google. Ryan is hopeful the months long saga is over, but she worries they will try to do it again to someone else.

News 4 reached out to Google about how they verify addresses, they sent the following statement:

“Spammers and others with negative intent are a problem for consumers, businesses and technology companies that provide local business information. We use manual and automated systems to detect for spam and fraud, but we tend not to share details behind our processes so as not to tip off spammers or others with bad intent."

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