ST. LOUIS ( -- Monday a Frontier flight bound for St. Louis was suspended after officials said a passenger opened the plane's cabin door.

According to representatives, the passenger said he felt ill before getting agitated. As the pilot returned to the gate, the passenger became physically violent with a flight attendant and opened the cabin door.

The emergency slide was automatically deployed and the passenger tried to jump out of the plane.

Kathleen Ingham and Toni Crosby were on the flight, originally scheduled to fly from Cancun to St. Louis, and filmed the chaos from their seats.

“I mean I was thinking we went through 9/11, we're Americans, you start kicking the cockpit door and we think you might have a weapon on board,” said Ingham.

Crew members worked alongside passengers to restrain the passenger until authorities arrived.

Once they did, the passenger was evaluated by a medical team. Frontier said the aircraft was removed from service pending a maintenance check.

The airline also re-booked passengers on other flights and provided hotel accommodations, however Crosby and Ingham said their stay was less than ideal.

Other passengers tell News 4 Frontier crew members were very accommodating and did their best to keep passengers calm and provide accommodations.

“The first room had a vomit stained mattress that was molded, so we requested another room that had two very urine stained mattresses,” said Crosby.

News 4 reached out to Frontier and the company said it would never knowingly book passengers in unclean rooms and that the safety of passengers is its top priority.

Crosby and Ingham said they would like to see changes to safety polices and customer service.

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