Unrest in Ferguson cost Missouri residents this much


FERGUSON, Mo (KMOV.com) – The unrest in Ferguson has cost Missouri residents, area police departments, and taxpayers more than $22 million since August.

Since the shooting death of Michael Brown in August, the state of Missouri has spent almost $13 million dollars, most of which went to the National Guard and the Missouri Highway Patrol.

St. Louis County has spent $6.4 million and the city of St. Louis has spent almost $2.8 million. Ferguson, Florissant, and Hazelwood have also incurred expenses, but not as much. Ferguson has paid $421,000, in emergency response overtime, Florissant has paid $131,000 in overtime and damages, and Hazelwood has paid $93,000.

The total cost of expenses is $22,600,898. However, the total does not include damage to any of the businesses or buildings that were burned or looted. Those totals are still being calculated.

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