ST. LOUIS ( - Katie Zaitz-Fink says the Goodfellow Federal Complex is a silent killer.

READ: High levels of cancer-causing chemicals found at local federal complex

“At times, I had some numbness in my arms, some problems with my hands that I’d never experience before,” said Zaitz-Fink.

She no longer works there but tells News 4 when she was an employee in 2016, her health started to decline.

Zaitz-Fink says the deterioration of her health was a result of a pattern of inadequate treatment of cancerous chemicals found on the property.

“You see people around the campus and they’re wearing masks, and some of them are wearing hazmat suits, and you’re like ‘What are you all doing that you’re in that protective gear and we’re not?” she said.

News 4 learned she isn’t the only one with health issues.

This week, sources tell News 4 that a labor union, the American Federation of Government Employees, is demanding for the immediate transfer of more than 2,000 federal employees from the campus.

The General Services Administration’s (GSA) Office of Inspector General reported several hazardous chemicals exist on the campus.

“There are so many empty buildings in St. Louis, why not move to a secure location?” said Zaitz- Fink.

News 4 obtained a letter from the union that was sent to employees giving a timeline of their discussions with the regional director of GSA.

In April, the union says the GSA tried convincing union members, saying employees were safe from any health issues.

However, the union responded by showing GSA administrators their own report, stating there are health concerns and the only building that’s been cleaned of chemicals is building 107, which houses GSA employees.

The union says they are now leaning on politicians to step in and intervene.

News 4 learned Congressman William Clay’s office has been contacted by the union, and is looking into the situation

Zaitz-Fink says for the employees who can’t quit their job, the federal government is letting them down.

“Why someone didn’t say ‘Wait a second, this is odd that so many people are developing unusual symptoms, illnesses, maybe there is something here,” she said.

News 4 made multiple phone calls and sent emails trying to get a comment from the GSA but the agency has yet to respond.

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