ST. PETERS, Mo. ( -- Some St. Charles County residents are asking what's delaying a major road project through St. Peters.

The problem spot is on Jungermann Road between Country Creek Drive and Margaret Brown Court.

Jungermann Road

Burt Benesek, manager of transportation and development services in St. Peters, says the $2.5 million project will replace the bridges, elevate the road to help with flooding, and improve the pedestrian trail.

But the project that should have been completed this spring is now months behind.

"Terrible. That is terrible. I mean this is one of the main roads. Everybody uses it," said resident John Randazzo about the delay.

City officials blame a utility duct in an unexpected place. It contains a bundle of important cables.

"If you have a phone or computer system, it relies on that communication duct to function so it's very important it gets relocated properly so service isn't interrupted," said Benesek.

He said the duct system was missed during the design process.

"They used a sonar or radar system to locate the elevation and unfortunately it was incorrect in their assessment of where it was located," said Benesek.

Meanwhile, neighbors are noticing something else missing.

"A lot of people are saying, 'Is anyone even working out there?' because it seems like it's empty a lot of days," said Kelley Rufkahr, who belongs to a neighborhood social media group where this is a hot topic.

But St. Peters officials say the contractor can't get back to work on the road until after those utilities are moved, which should be complete in February.

The entire project is now slated to be complete by late summer.

City officials say the delay will not impact the cost.

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