VIRGINIA (CNN ) --- A 23-year-old Virginia man confesses to killing three women within a three-week period.

The suspect, James Wright, is now at the center of a capital murder case. The Medota Virginia native told officers that he is responsible for the deaths of 21-year-old Elizabeth Marie Vanmeter, 17-year-old  Joslyn Alsup, and  25-year-old Athina Hopson.

"Homicides of three females that occurred in Washington County, Virginia," said Washington County Sheriff Fred Newman.

According to Newman, Johnson City Police reached out to his department asking for help setting up an interview with Wright after discovering Hopson was last seen with him. 

A search warrant for Wright's truck, which had received major damage in a March 19th crash involved a school bus,  was issued.

"A cell phone belonging to the missing Johnson City woman, Hopson, was located in the suspect's truck," Newman said. 

Officials say these murders could classify him as a serial killer.

The charges also mean wright faces a potential death penalty sentence if convicted.

"Capital murder simply means the death penalty as a potential punishment. It applies here because we have multiple killings within a three year time frame," said Washington County Commonwealth Attorney Josh Cumbo.

Sheriff Newman says Wright knew these women through a traveling carnival that he worked for.

"Through his employment as a subcontractor for the James H. Drew carnival, Wright became acquainted with the women. The 17-year-old female was the daughter of one of Wright's coworkers,' he added. 

Alsup's father worked with Wright at the carnival. 

The sheriff's office is planning to work with investigators in other parts of the country where the carnival traveled to see if there could be more victims.

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