Trainer not apologizing for body shaming woman at Busch Stadium


A trainer says he is not apologizing for using Facebook to body shame someone in attendance at a Cardinals game.Keath Hauhser posted a photo of an overweight woman at Busch Stadium on his company's Facebook page.“Where individuals like the one I posted are impeding other people's ability to enjoy a baseball game, a flight, a seat at the movie,” Hausher said.Hausher also used Facebook to say what the woman ate at the baseball game was “unhealthy and never ok.”“The customary way to respond to this now is to want to hug someone and tell them ‘no matter what size you are, that's great.' But in reality it's not great,” Hausher said.A weight management therapist said what Hausher did is very concerning.“A lot of assumptions are being made that may or may not be true and that's dangerous, and it's sad,” said Cherrie Massmann.Massmann such shaming can have long term affects.“It can cause them to just feel like they can't live their life, like ‘wow I'm not fit to be out in public,” Massmann said.Despite Massmann's comments, Hausher stands by what he said.“It is a public health issue. I didn't name her, or show her face. It is raising awareness to say it's okay to not stand for that,” Hausher said.Copyright 2015 KMOV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved

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