Tower Grove South grocer hit by burglar as business break-ins continue to rise

A burglar hit Local Harvest Grocery in the Tower Grove South neighborhood. (Credit: Local Harvest Grocery)

ST. LOUIS ( -- A rock, three kicks, and a crawl was all it took for a burglar to get into the Local Harvest Grocery store early Friday morning.

“No one was here when this happened,” said Molly Pearson, an employee at the store, which is located in the 3100 block of Morganford Road in Tower Grove South.

Pearson says the break-in happened around 5 a.m. Friday morning. Days later, employees say they are working toward getting things back in order.

“Logistical things have been really frustrating,” said Pearson.

Once the suspect got in the building, Pearson said he went straight to the back of the store to the office.

He stayed back there for about five minutes before walking out with this safe in his hands.

“There were a few days of deposits that were in the safe that was taken,” said Pearson.

Employees are trying to figure out why the alarms didn’t go off.

Despite the disruption to business, employees are choosing forgiveness.

“What do we need to do as a city to make things better so people don’t feel the need to break a law to get what they need,” said Pearson.

KMOV found business burglaries are up 33 percent in Tower Grove South compared to this time last year.

The suspect was wearing a baseball hat, a long shirt, and pants

The owners and police are asking anyone with information on the suspect to contact them.

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