Tornado destroys business, damages homes in Hawk Point


HAWK POINT, Mo ( – The National Weather Service confirmed early Sunday afternoon that a tornado touched down in Hawk Point on Saturday evening.Storms ripped through the News 4 viewing area Saturday night, damaging homes and destroying a business in Hawk Point.

An on-site survey of the damage in and around the city revealed a tornado touched down near Prairie Rd. southwest of Hawk Point.

The storm hit just before 7 p.m. Saturday and knocked down trees, power lines and damaged dozens of homes.

The path of the tornado was determined to be two miles long through the city of Hawk Point, with a width of approximately 50 yards.

The business Bare Knuckle Chopper in Hawk Point was completely destroyed.

"There's less than 50 or so homes with significant damage and that includes commercial buildings. The ones you see behind me here, Bare Knuckle Choppers, sustained the greatest damage," said Barry Nuss of the Lincoln County Fire Protection District. "The other 30 homes have varying levels of damage, anything from a few shingles missing to entire roofs missing."

Residents told News 4 on Saturday night that winds were extremely strong.

"And the rain going like this, totally flying across. And I told my husband I'd never seen anything like this before," said Cindy Meyer, whose home was damaged by the storm.

The National Weather Service estimated the tornado was a strong EF1 with 110 mile per hour winds.

Hawk Point is about 65 miles northwest of St. Louis.