Town offers lawn mowing help to some residents

Credit: KMOV

For some people, cutting the grass can be a hassle so two St. Louis creators are working to make it easier for you.

Mike Braun and Ryan Leffler created a mowing app called MowMagic. The app is pretty simple with how it works and you don’t even need a mower. It lets you request a lawn service, put in your location, the price you’re willing to pay and the time you want your grass cut.

“You don’t need a pro to mow your lawn. You need an 18, 17 or 35-year-old who wants to make a few extra bucks,” said Braun. “You also don’t need your own equipment to mow a lawn.”

Within the first few weeks of launching the app, more than 700 people downloaded it. Currently, they’re looking for more people willing to cut yards because the demand is so high.

With that many interested, they tell me they need more people willing to be mowers. You can do that on the app too.

Right now this app is only for the St. Louis metro, but the creators of the app say they’re looking to expand to markets like Kansas City, Omaha and ultimately Dallas.

The app is available on Andriod and iPhone devices.

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