Three cousins with autism make big impact in world

Three cousins with autism are making a big impact on the world (Credit: KMOV).

( – Three cousins with autism are participating in the Autism Speaks Walk in Forest Park and they are making a big impact on the world around them.

Michael Wingbermuehle is 15-years-old and is the third cousin in his family to be diagnosed with autism along with John Houston, 21, and Ray G’Sell, 22.

Ray’s mother, Marge G’Sell, said, “There was no clear pathway. The doctor says your son has autism. See ya next year.”

As the boys have grown up they have made progress, went to school and had different kinds of therapy. But Kathy and Steve Houston says a lot has stayed the same since their son, John, was little.

“He’s still very much a 5-year-old little boy cognitively,” said Kathy Houston. “John will greet you enthusiastically and for 10-15 seconds you’ll see a spark of a connection trying to be made and then you’ll watch as it’s just stolen by autism,” said Steve Houston.

As the boys age out of the school system, the family is looking ahead to the next step and work opportunities for them.

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