NORTH ST. LOUIS ( - A north St. Louis restaurant owner is looking to reopen his establishment's doors after an employee crashed her mini van into the front entrance. 

The front of Lisa's Chop Suey is boarded up but one of the owners is optimistic he'll bounce back with the community's help. 

"This is my neighborhood. I grew up here. I grew up in Jennings. This is my community," said Victor Ton, co-owner of Lisa's Chop Suey.

One week ago, a piece of the Jennings community crumbled.

A mini van plowed into the restaurant  on Jennings Station Road, injuring a 6-year-old girl and her grandfather. There were also six employees inside. 

Standing at the site of his destroyed home, the Vietnamese immigrant wants to re-build. 

"It's hard. There is no income coming. The holiday is coming, so I have to feel happy and cheerful for myself," said Ton. "Because there are a lot of people suffering in Jennings." 

Initially, Ton expected his restaurant to be closed for about a month but he now believes the restaurant will reopen within three weeks as crews work hard to make repairs. 

Latranice Norrington

Latranice Norrington was arrested and charged with two counts of DWI after allegedly driving her minivan into Lisa's Chop Suey Friday.

Latranice Norrington was the woman behind the wheel of the van and she is actually employee at Lisa's Chop Suey.

"She's not a bad person. She's a good person. She happened to be under the influence. I don't know what," he added. 

Norrington is facing two counts of DWI serious physical injury for hurting two people in the crash.

News 4 was on scene as emergency crews took the injured grandfather and his 6-year-old granddaughter to a hospital.

Both survived. 

Ton says that he would like to help the customers out. 

"To help them out, as well, I would like to visit them. I would like them to be identified. I would like to know them," he said. 

Ton is member of a motorcycle riding club and hopes to do a bike ride to help generate funds for the crash victims. 

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