ST. LOUIS ( -- A ladder is as necessary a tool for roofers as a hammer is for a carpenter. That’s why workers with Constructors 911 were shocked when they realized a thief had stolen their ladder while they were finishing a job on a the roof of a south St. Louis business.

"What goes through that kind of person's mind to be able to take a ladder when it's clearly in use?” said A. J. Crutchfield.

Two workers were on the roof of the Sherwin Williams store in the 3100 block of Watson Road on Monday. They were finishing up a week-long, complete re-roofing job.

Around 2 p.m., one of them heard a sound that took him by surprise.

"I heard the noise and the ladder shaking and I told him, hey what's going on, where's the ladder,” said Jorge Perez.

The ladder that Jorge Perez and his coworker used to get on the roof and would need to get off the roof, was gone. They saw a white Chevrolet Silverado driving away with their company’s 32-foot ladder sticking out the back.

Workers called police and reported the crime and also posted a photo of the thief’s pickup on Facebook. By Tuesday morning the photo had gone viral.

"I think by this morning when I looked at it we were talking thousands of different shares and views,” said Casey Bivens.

Perez and his coworker were able to get down from the roof by jumping from a low place on the back of the building. They had a second ladder that they used to finish the job.

"It's absolutely frustrating, you know, especially for a small business,” said Bivens.

Bivens said the theft was an example of the frustrating problem of the theft of tools and equipment from work sites.

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