ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -- Three former students of The Principia School were charged after hazing allegations prompted a criminal investigation.

Joshua Brewer, 17, and Maverick Holmsley, 18, were each charged with four counts of first degree sodomy. Ricardo Loma, 18, was charged with seven counts of third-degree assault.

Brewer and Holmsley are accused of sex crimes against four victims during the incident. Loma pleaded guilty on Monday to seven counts of third-degree assault after allegedly punching six underclassman.

A letter sent home to parents after the alleged incident from Travis Brantingham, the School Principal, said a "small number of boys entered several other students' rooms in the Boys' Dorm early Sunday morning when only boys' football and soccer camps were in residence. Their intention was to bully underclassmen," the letter stated. "Unfortunately, the incident escalated and became even more serious. We believe physical assaults did occur, but contrary to speculation, all students involved were fully clothed." The letter states those involved were dismissed from the school.

The school issued a statement saying it reported the incident to police immediately and has cooperated fully. It also said "there is no tradition of hazing in Principia school's football program or anywhere else at Principia, as alleged.”
"I have three children that I sent to Principia and it was a wonderful experience for them," said Nancy Baily. "My husband and his siblings all went there as well."

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