A St. Louis fourth-grader is afraid to walk the halls of his school fearing he'll be hurt.

The boy's mother told News 4 a teacher's husband walked into her son's classroom and bullied him. She accuses school leaders of exposing her son to danger.

Sha-nae Mooring calls what happened inside Hamilton Elementary School bizarre. She knows two wrongs don't make a right and puts blame on those who are supposed to keep her son safe.

Mooring got a call from her son's principal last Wednesday. She says she was told her fourth-grader argued with a teacher. Later that day, Mooring says, the teacher's husband showed up.

"The school said they thought he was just going to see his wife. He came up, walked straight to my son's classroom, and asked the class who was Keith," said Mooring.

Keith Butler, a 10-year-old, told his mom the man then got in his face.

"He put his foot in the chair. He took his stuff off and slammed it on the desk. He started talking with a loud voice," added Butler.

Mooring knows her son was wrong, but believes school leaders were too.

"That did not give her the right to call her grown husband up here for a 10-year-old. If Keith had said or done anything wrong, you could have called me as his mother and I would have handled Keith," added Mooring.

St. Louis Public Schools tells News 4 the incident is under investigation.

"In the world we live in today, it's difficult and it bothers me. He could have walked into that school and could have hurt my child. At that point, I don't feel like he was safe," added Mooring.

Mooring met with a juvenile detective and talked with the school district's family resource liaison. As for Butler, Mooring says he's grounded and understands he should not have argued with an adult.

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