ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. ( --- A standoff which went on for more than 24 hours is over after the suspect was shot and killed, police say.

The suspect has been identified as 42-year-old Eric Phillips, of Florissant.

Eric Phillips mugshot

Phillips was killed following a 29-hour standoff Friday afternoon.

For over 24 hours, the St. Louis County Police Department was outside a home in unincorporated St. Louis County while Phillips, who was armed, was inside. 

Standoff damage

Damage to a police vehicle outside a North County home.

Officers surrounded a home in the 14800 block of Frais Drive Thursday morning. Police said Phillips was wanted on a felony warrant for Felon in Possession of a Weapon.

A source told News 4 there was an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and responding authorities. 

The suspect fired multiple shots at an armored police truck, which sustained damage. Later Thursday, police said the suspect fired more shots at police vehicles and equipment.

The standoff continued through Friday afternoon. Police said they continued to use exhaustive attempts to bring this to a peaceful resolution. They also said the suspect continued to fire shots at officers. 

Approximately 174 calls were made on a working phone line inside the home, police say.

"At this time, we'd like to thank the residents of the community for their patience as we strive to keep them safe and bring the situation to peaceful resolution," the St. Louis County Police Department wrote on Twitter.

An assault rifle and a handgun were recovered from the scene.

Police said police took one shot before 1 p.m. after the suspect shot multiple times at surrounding authorities. Police later confirmed the suspect was dead, although they did not confirm whether the single shot they had fired killed him or if he shot himself. 

"We really employed a tremendous amount of tactics on this, whether that's tear gas or other disruptive devices, just to try to get this individual to cooperate with us," said St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar. "He would not and ultimately that's his decision. I'm sorry it ended this way, I wish it would not've."

According to St. Louis County police, no officers have been injured. 

Witnesses said several roads were blocked off and residents were asked by police to avoid the area at the time, with some nearby residents being evacuated.

The home remains blocked off with police tape until the investigation of the scene can be completed.

"We value life, it is not worth the life of one of our officers, it is not worth the suspect's life to rush to anything," Sgt. Ben Granda said. "We did our best, we exhausted our options, every option. We were even creative with some other options, but the preservation of life is more important than people's inconvenience, not being able to access the street of their homes even for this long of time." 

The St. Louis County Police Department was assisted by the St. Charles County Police Department, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and federal officers.

This is developing. News 4 has crews on the way and are working to learn more.

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