Elijah Moore

Elijah Moore is wanted on charges of armed robbery.

WARRENTON, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- Police are looking for a man who robbed another man on the 2200 block of Columbus Circle in Warrenton on June 30.

The victim was heading to an address given to him by a woman when he was approached by the suspect, who ordered him to the ground and held a knife to his throat. The suspect took approximately $400 of personal property and demanded they head to his brother's residence to steal $15,000 cash. The suspect fled the scene when he observed that the victim did not have a vehicle. 

The investigation revealed that the victim's brother had also been burglarized by a man matching the same description as the suspect. The victim's brother claimed the suspect was sent to kill him and demanded the cash. 

The suspect was later determined to be 37-year-old Elijah Moore after the victim was presented with a photo lineup and identified him, citing his unique neck tattoo. 

Video surveillance footage also showed Moore exiting a truck, entering the residence and leaving shortly after the robbery allegedly took place. 

A review of Moore's criminal history revealed he was recently released from incarceration (15 years) and has a long list of prior convictions. These include unlawful use of a weapon, resisting/interfering with arrest, armed criminal action, 2nd degree assault on law enforcement, and violence to an employee of the Department of Corrections. 

Moore has been charged with first-degree robbery with weapon and armed criminal action.

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