PEVELY, Mo. ( - 40-year old Ryan Boussum told News 4 he’s meeting with an attorney this week to consider a lawsuit against the City of Pevely.

READ: Surveillance captures alleged assault of Pevely prisoner; officer charged

Boussum is the suspect seen in surveillance video recorded in the booking area of the Pevely Police Department being choked and shoved into a jail cell.

The video is getting a lot of reaction.

"You're not supposed to treat people like that, regardless if they're a criminal or not," said Tony Mullens.

“I think we see a video, we see the end of it, but if we were in the room, it might be a different story," said Craig Bartholic.

Corporal Ryan Watson and Officer Wayne Casey were fired after city officials learned of an alleged assault captured on video on April 23.

Following an investigation by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the prosecuting attorney’s office issued a summons against Watson for fourth-degree assault.

Court documents claim Boussum used profanity toward Watson prior to the attack. The documents allege Watson choked Boussum and then shoved his head against a desk. Watson is also accused of putting his arm around Boussum’s neck to drag him to the floor before shoving him into a jail cell.

Former police officer and Maryville University professor of criminology Geriann Brandt said officers know the job involves dealing with difficult people who might try to provoke them and are trained to handle those situations. But she said any officer who can’t control their temper risks ruining their career.

"You do not need to be in a uniform at all, you do not need to be dealing with the public because this is what happened. It makes all of us look bad," said Brandt.

Court documents state that Watson believed his actions were justifiable and were a direct result of Bossum not listening to his verbal commands.

Watson is scheduled to make his first appearance in court before a judge on Monday, June 17 at 9 a.m.

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