ST. LOUIS ( - A St. Louis woman says she received an unsolicited and inappropriate text from the Missouri Democratic Party that she claims used sexual assault as a "get out and vote" method.

For a survivor of sexual assault, she says it goes too far. 

Ads on Facebook, radio and TV are everywhere as the November election draws near.

The current #MeToo movement, along with the recent hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh, make sexual assault a part of the campaign.

"Do not politicize sexual assault or rape," said the woman, who wished to remain anonymous to protect her privacy. 

Something she felt was violated when she received a text message this week.

"It really upset me, I never signed up to be on their text message list," she added. "We need to make sure people take sexual assault seriously and protect survivors."

The message read: Are you ready to stand with women on November 6? The text ends with two emojis.

"You're telling me on one hand you take sexual assault seriously and you respect survivors but the way you are handling it shows a complete lack of sensitivity," she said.

To some it may seem like a simple text but for this survivor of rape. It's much more.

"I remember that moment when I realize the guy was taking my clothes off to hurt me and I was stuck in my own body and I couldn't leave it, and because of the dismissive attitude in this text message. I've had to relive the worst day of my life and no one should have to do that. For you its just a text message, but for me it's a defining moment in my history."

News 4 reached out to the Missouri Democratic Party and responded with a brief statement:

"We apologize. This was done by a volunteer. It was insensitive."

News 4 asked how this woman's number got on their list and the spokesperson for the party says its was obtained from their voter file but she said a message like this will not be sent again.

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