Sullivan man charged with child abuse after video surfaces of him assaulting son

Joshua Shelton, 33, is charged with first degree child abuse. (Credit: Crawford County Sheriff's Department)

CRAWFORD COUNTRY, Mo. ( -- A Sullivan man has been charged with child abuse after police obtained video of him choking and kneeing his 15-year-old son.

According to court documents, 33-year-old Joshua Shelton attacked his son in the warehouse of Modern Piano Movers, which is where he works and lives.

Shelton told officers from the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department his wife Christal told him he did not do enough when it came to disciplining the children, which caused him to lose control.

Police obtained the video after Shelton’s son ran away from home following the incident. He went to a friend’s house, and once his parents reported him missing, his friend’s mother contacted police.

Officers interviewed him and learned of the abuse, and the next day were able to get surveillance footage from the warehouse.

In it, Shelton reportedly grabs his son by the neck and a throws him to the ground before striking him. He then kicks the 15-year-old while he is on the ground, before picking him up and kneeing him several times.

According to police, the final knee strike knocked his son “several feet.”

Shelton was arrested without incident and said he didn’t tell his wife about the attack because she “would not agree with what he had done.”

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