Students march in support of professor body slammed at STLCC Board of Trustees meeting

Professor Steven Taylor says police body slammed him at a STLCC Board of Trustees meeting. Credit: KMOV

Students are showing support for a professor at St. Louis Community College (STLCC) after footage surfaced of him being roughly slammed to the ground by police at a Board of Trustees meeting Thursday.

Steven Taylor, 53, had signed up to speak at the board meeting. The school says in an effort to move the meeting along, there was a "no applause" rule in place and a two-minute time limit.

Taylor said he stood up to say that applause had been allowed for the administration but not the faculty.

He is accused of then aggressively forcing his way towards board members. The school said when he approached, he was told to leave.

An STLCC police officer then grabbed him in an effort to restrain him, police said. Taylor kept going towards the board members, authorities said.

Police said the officer then took him to the floor and handcuffed him. Taylor suffered a small abrasion to his face and complained of pain. He asked to be taken to a hospital, police said.

"I was driven into the concrete floor... my feet were brushed out from underneath me. I was rammed. His full body went on top of me into the cement floor," said Taylor.

Monday, students marched on campus in protest of how Taylor was treated during the meeting.

Taylor was given a court summons for general peace disturbance and resisting arrest.

Taylor told News 4 the school informed him that he has essentially been fired.

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