SOUTH ST. LOUIS ( - Red signs are appearing in the Tower Grove South area calling on people to "stomp a racist" and "punch a racist."

The signs started popping up last weekend. No one knows who put them there. Alderwoman Megan Green, who represents the area, says the signs are in response to the white supremacist group 'Patriot Front' posting flyers around the area in an attempt, she believes, to recruit new members. 

The red signs also call on people to "destroy Patriot Front."

“Anything that is letting Patriot Front know that we will not tolerate white supremacy in our community and we will not tolerate hate groups I think is good," said Green.

Chris White says he has lived in South City for 30 years and this is the first time he has seen anything like this. 

“I hope the officers out here settle this because we all need to get together and have St. Louis come back as a good city," said White. 

He believes something should be done to fight back against this, but feels strongly that violence isn't the answer. 

A few days after the red signs popped up, Community Power Network St. Louis began posting its own flyers up around the area. 

The anti-fascist group says it supports the use of violence against 'fascist entities.' The group sent News 4 this statement:

First, we would like to commend the militants who put up the original yard signs encouraging violence against the fascist organization Patriot Front. In this country, where state repression comes down hard on any who resist the ruling class and those that uphold it, we see those signs as a courageous first step into militant anti-fascism and defending our working class neighborhoods. 

We find it troubling that there is concern surrounding calls for violence against Patriot Front and fascists in general. Patriot Front, from Charlottesville to Austin, have used violence against oppressed nationalities and antifascist activists in working class neighborhoods, in their homes and in organizational spaces. Fascism, and Patriot Front are no different. If you read their manifesto, they seek to violently repress oppressed nationalities and the working class. To hold signs at protests or to sing songs never has and never will end fascism. Defense against fascists is not solely for the individual being attacked and not solely reactive. There must be collective proactive or offensive measures taken against fascists. We hold that peaceful, liberal protesters both aid and serve fascism at the end of the day. We urge everybody sick of the passive, Democrat "activist" dead-end road, to militantly organize against fascism in your neighborhood! We are more than willing to assist and work with anybody serious about defending their working class neighborhoods from all those that exploit and abuse us daily.
News 4 also reached out to St. Louis City police and asked if there are concerns about this hate group and is waiting to hear back. 
According to Southern Poverty Law Center, there are at least 24 hate groups in Missouri. 

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