ST. LOUIS ( -- A worker for the State of Missouri says a state employee at the Wainwright building in downtown St. Louis has tested positive for COVID-19. The worker says about a dozen employees have been told to self-quarantine at home.

The worker told News 4 the employee who tested positive works on the 6th floor of the Wainwright building in the Department of Mental Health.

News 4 learned for the past several days workers in the department have been told not to have any face-to-face meetings with clients.

The state employee told News 4 that on Tuesday morning several employees - perhaps a dozen or so – were told that because they had been in contact with the worker who tested positive, they were to go home and self-quarantine. The worker, who asked to remain anonymous, said they believe that it's not enough to send home a small number of employees when about 100 people work on the sixth floor.

The Mental Health Department also has perhaps another 100 or more working on the 8th floor and workers often interact.

“We work in cubbies and cubes so there's one cube after the next after the next,” the employee explained to News 4. “We all use the same bathroom, we all use the same fax machines, we all use the same scanners, we all use the same copiers, we all come in through the same door and ride the same elevators and there's 9 floors in the Wainwright.”

The worker who spoke with News 4 also says a cleaning crew that came in to sanitize parts of the building were not informed as to what they were dealing with.

“They did not have on masks or anything and when I asked them about that they said that when they came up to our offices they were not told exactly why they were cleaning them,” the employee told News 4

Wednesday afternoon, while the building was closed to the public, News 4 did see food being delivered and people leaving.

The employee says they believe Governor Parson should order the entire building closed.

“I think they should close the building down and totally clean it, totally disinfect it and everybody should be quarantined for 14 days because there's no way that one team - that seven people on that floor - we're the only people exposed.”

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