St. Peters Police cracking down on illegally parked and stored vehicles

This spring,  St. Peters Police Department will be getting strict on parking violations, even in your own driveway. Credit: KMOV

This spring, St. Peters Police Department will be getting strict on parking violations, even in your own driveway.

While on-duty officers are not responding to calls, they will be patrolling neighborhoods for illegally parked trailers, RVs and boats.

The ordinance prohibits RVs, boats and trailers from sitting on neighborhood streets or in the middle of driveways. Police say the purpose of this ordinance is to keep neighborhoods nice and keep property values up.

"You only have 10 days out of the year that you're allowed to store your boat, RV or trailer in your driveway, but no longer than that," said Melissa Doss, with the St. Peters Police Dept.

She says they allow this wiggle room for owners who need to clean out or fill up their RV, trailer or boat. It just cannot sit there for weeks or months.

Homeowners can only legally keep their boats, RVs and trailers on their property if they build a driveway extension on the side of the home that goes back far enough that the RV, boat or trailer is aligned with the front of the house and does not stick out.

"From a homeowner's point of view, I can see why they'd want to do that, but from an RV owner's point of view, it just makes another hassle, hoop you gotta jump through," said Joe Sohn, an RV owner who sold his home in St. Peters last year to travel around the country with his family. "With our business, we don't really need to be anywhere in particular, so we decided to just buy a RV, sell our house and hit the road."

Sohn said if they ever move back to buy a home again, the RV ordinance may change where they decide to live.

"If I owned a permanent residence and I had my RV, I'd probably look for something unincorporated so I wouldn't have to even worry about it," said Sohn.

St. Peters Police say they will give residents plenty of warning before they give out fines.

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