ST. PETERS, Mo. ( -- St. Charles County resident Adrianne Reid said she’s speaking out about an offensive street sign in a St. Peters neighborhood.

“Every day I would go to work, and I have to drive past Hanging Tree Court,” said Reid.

Hanging Tree Court sits in a subdivision that was built in the 70s. The developer of the subdivision picked the street names, not the city.

Reid said it doesn’t matter who decided the names, this street name needs to change.

“You can rename it Weeping Willow, you can re-name it whatever kind of tree you want to but not hanging tree,” Reid said. “That is an extremely hurtful and painful thing to think about your ancestors hanging from a tree.”

Reid, and other neighbors who live on or near Hanging Tree Court, said they’ve sent complaints to St. Peters city leaders.

News 4 reached out to St. Peters city leaders who said they were unaware of the street name along with any complaints.

A spokesperson agreed the street name is offensive and should be changed.

They sent a statement saying;

“The City of St. Peters has no record of anyone requesting a change for this street name. We have a simple process outlined in our ordinances regarding the steps that would need to be taken to change a street name. We will work with these residents and respond to their request regarding this or any other issue. We are very proud of our St. Peters concern system and our response to residents and businesses regarding any issue, whether it’s getting a pothole filled, the process to get a street name changed or questions about how to open a new business. Submitting a concern to the City of St. Peters begins with a call to our City Hall main number, 636.477.6600 and their questions can be answered, or the complaint can be filed so we can begin determining options or solutions. Or, residents can file a concern online through our e-Resident service. The rule is we respond to a request within 3 business days and work quickly to determine a solution to a problem. We work very hard to meet this standard. It’s what our residents and businesses expect, and we deliver responsive public service as the rule, not the exception.”

To make a complaint about Hanging Tree Court call City Hall at 636.477.6600 or file online at the city website.

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