St. Peters family grateful to police for procession at son's funeral

Dylan Gittemeir's funeral was accompanied by a police procession (Credit: Gittemeier family)

A St. Peters family wants to say thank you to eight police departments that lifted them up when they were at their lowest.

John and Kate Gittemeier want the officers to know how grateful they are for providing a police procession at last Friday's funeral for their 10-year old son, Dylan.

"I don't have enough words to thank them for that," said Katie Gittemeier.

Dylan died recently as the result of a suicide. When Woodson Terrace Police Officer Todd Thomas learned of Dylan's death, he wanted to do something to support the family.

"From Dylan's obituary he had written in there, the family had written, he wanted to be a police officer when he grew up."

So Officer Thomas called around to friends at area police departments and eight, including his own, sent officers to be a part of the procession. The procession included 4 police motorcycles that surrounded the hearse carrying Dylan's casket, all the way to the cemetery.

John Gittemeier said, "To know what Dylan would think of that, it was amazing. So proud and for his honor, it really did take my breath away."

Kate Gittemeier said she wanted Officer Thomas and the other police officers to know how grateful she and her husband are.

"They took their time for a child that they didn't even know, all because he said he wanted to be one of them," said Gittemeier.

The police departments participating include: Woodson Terrace, Breckenridge Hills, St. Ann, Maryland Heights, St. Peters, O'Fallon, Lake St. Louis and St. Charles County.

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