ST. LOUIS ( -- Police call it a suicide, but her family and friends say her on again off again boyfriend bullied her into pulling the trigger. 

38-year-old Kristen Roady shot and killed herself Tuesday in Soulard, according to St. Louis City police. 

Her longtime friend, Tom Greulich, believes the boyfriend should be held responsible for her death. 

“He said what he needed to push her over the edge. He emotionally manipulated her into her taking her own life," said Greulich. 

Greulich said Roady and her boyfriend dated off and on for about a year. Greulich said the boyfriend was physically and emotionally abusive. 

“He would say she’s overweight, poking fun at that. He would said she was becoming like her mother and not mean that in a positive way. He accused her of being promiscuous," said Greulich. 

Roady posted text messages supposedly from her ex on Facebook just hours before ending her life. One of the texts reads, "u ought of just try again and kill yourself for real."

Roady also posted a message on Facebook saying, "I just can't live with these insults and these awful lies and this bullying anymore. Please, make him pay."

“It was ultimately her decision and that is the tough part, but if I held a gun to your head and I told you to rob a bank you probably would rob a bank because you want to live. In this case, maybe the opposite, but he told her enough times she wasn’t worth living for and I guess she eventually believed it," said Greulich. 

Greulich said he wants to honor his friends wishes and push for justice. 

St. Louis City police told News 4 this is currently being handled as a non-criminal incident and that the medical examiner's investigation is ongoing.

Police encourage anyone with information to reach out so investigators can potentially consult with the circuit attorney's office to determine whether or not a crime occurred. Police direct anyone with information to call Detective Deidra Henderson at 314-444-5385. 

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