ST. LOUIS ( -- A 13-year-old boy is accused of carjacking a 36-year-old woman in St. Louis Wednesday morning.

According to police, the woman was sitting in her car at the 3300 block of Cherokee when the boy entered her car on the passenger side.

"The 13-year-old hopped into the passenger seat next to me. He told me to give him the keys. I tried to push him. That's when he took out the gun," the woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, told News 4. 

She told officers he pulled out a gun and demanded her car keys, which she gave him.

"All I could think about was my kids and their safety because three years ago my husband passed away. So, the only thing really in my head was my kids, my kids," said the victim. 

The 13-year-old drove away, and 20 minutes later, police found the vehicle in the 4000 block of Nebraska. They attempted to stop the driver, but the boy fled.

The teenage suspect later drove through a fence and got in an accident in the 3400 block of Wisconsin, where police were able to take him into custody.

The owner of the car that was slammed into, Vincent O'Shea, said his car's back axle was crushed, the tires were bent and the wheels busted.

O'Shea's wife Debra drives the car to care for their grand-kids.

"Now, I am out of a vehicle. My husband and I are both on disability. I doubt very much they are going to give me very much for my car," Debra said.

The victim of the carjacking told News 4 that she is constantly looking over her shoulder, but is forgiving and compassionate towards the boy who held the gun to her.

"Maybe he had problems with his family. He only knew what he was doing. He only knew what was going through his head at the moment," she said.

Sources tell News 4 the teen may also be linked to a robbery from 2018.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help the victim buy a new car.

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