ST. LOUIS ( - The St. Louis teen who pushed a man in a wheelchair up a hill with the tornado sirens blaring had a special reunion with him Thursday. 

It comes after 16-year-old Seth Phillips didn't hesitate on May 22 when he saw Gregory Beck trying to cross St. Charles Rock Road in St. John. Beck says people were honking at him to get across the road faster.

Beck lost both of his legs to diabetes and his eyesight is nearly gone. 

Phillips and his mom, Amber Gilleylen, pulled over and asked Beck if they could help. Gilleylen recorded Phillips pushing Beck up the hill to his home about a quarter mile so she could send it to Phillips' grandma.

The video was shared thousands of times on social media. 

Thursday, Phillips surprised Beck with an electric wheelchair. They used money from a GoFundMe account they started to get the wheelchair to St. Louis. 

“I’m so happy and blessed that there’s kind people in this world and I want to thank the people that helped me get this chair," said Beck. “You don’t realize that this is making a big difference in my life, making life easier for me to be able to get around.”

Beck says before getting the electric chair, it would take him roughly 25 minutes to wheel himself up the hill to his home. 

“We can change the world just a little bit at a time. Just somebody help somebody somewhere," said Beck. 

Phillips calls Beck his 'best friend' and says he's just glad to help him. 

“When you spread kindness, it makes the world a lot better," said Phillips. 

The two plan to meet again this summer to re-connect. 

You can watch the original story here.

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