ST. LOUIS ( Church member Brent Crittenden was up early Sunday morning salting and shoveling the sidewalk around Oak Hill Presbyterian Church in Tower Grove South, preparing for snow.

“We’re kind of a neighborhood church so everybody rallies and gets here early and gets the walk shoveled, makes sure it’s clear,” Crittenden said.

Brent Crittenden cleans up snow

Church member Brent Crittenden clears up snow on the sidewalks surrounding Oak Hill Presbyterian Church.

The church has already canceled services multiple times this winter, and its members do not want to have to cancel again.

“This winter has been especially tough,” Crittenden said. “For the most part, we stick it through. We have a bit of a smaller service of course, but we try and have it when we can.”

On the other hand, Jason Devine’s cheers of joy echo throughout Brentwood Promenade. He is visiting St. Louis from Tampa, Florida, and this is his first time seeing snow.

“It’s snowing! I’m tripping! I’m sorry but I’ve always wanted to see this since I was 12 years old and I’m 40 now,” Devine said. “It’s crazy, man. I feel like a big kid right now.”

Some people take the opportunity of empty stores to get some shopping done. Sarah Lazare’s four-wheel drive Jeep got her to Trader Joe’s Sunday morning. She said a snowstorm is the perfect time for her to grocery shop.

“Totally empty and super easy to get all of my groceries, in and out and now I get to go home and bundle up for the rest of the day.”

While his wife was in Target shopping, Devine stayed outside, soaking in the brand new experience.

“A lot of people say they don’t like it … I love it, man,” Devine said. “Now I have something I can go back to Florida and say I’ve experienced though.”

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