ST. LOUIS ( -- The noise brought Jerry Stamson out of his house on Saturday night and what he saw was a massive party in the street.

“Traffic wasn’t moving. People were out of their cars like it was a big party. I did see them carrying guns, what looked like AR-15s,” Stamson said.

His family moved into their home on Jefferson and Shenendoah last spring. They love the city but are frustrated by the lack of response to problems like this.

“I dialed 911. It kept ringing,” Stamson said. “Thirty minutes went by and not a single cop showed up."

Aloha Kelly is a few blocks away at Jefferson and Russell. She said the cars were blocking the street and she did see some police officers arrive on scene.

“They couldn’t get through there. There was no way to infiltrate the line of cars,” Kelly said.

The City of St. Louis has taken numerous efforts to curb the cruising and drag racing problems. In 2020, they installed barricades throughout downtown to cut back on the problem but some believe it’s just moved the issue elsewhere.

“The city focuses on one area then it gets moved to another area. They never really correct the issue,” Stamson said.

A spokesperson for the city said on Saturday night the St. Louis Police Department Summer Cruising detail responded to a group on Grand and Natural Bridge in north St. Louis. The group then dispersed throughout the city.

That’s when they ended up on Jefferson. “It’s got to stop,” Stamson said.

News 4 reached out to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to find out if the Cruising Detail issued any tickets or made any arrests. Monday morning, the department said three people were arrested for leaving the scene of an accident, felony fleeing and resisting arrest while clearing the area of Jefferson and Chouteau of cruisers. 

In addition, the department disclosed that officers handled numerous incidents in relation to hundreds of cruisers participating in drag racing, performing "burnouts" and reckless driving throughout the city. Some of the areas where this has occurred are the Jeff-Vander-Lou Neighborhood, Midtown, The Gate District, Lafayette Square, Downtown West, Downtown, Fairground, and the area of Riverview and I-270.

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