ST. LOUIS ( - In the last week, thousands of students graduated from St. Louis University, Fontbonne University, Webster University and Washington University.

Those recent graduates are already in the city they need to be in to take that next step and start their careers. ranked St. Louis as the 10th best city in the country for recent college graduates for the low cost of living and job availability. 

ZipRecruiter Blog listed St. Louis as the third best city for recent graduates for low unemployment rates, low traffic volume, and a thriving arts and sports scene. listed St. Louis as the #1 happiest city for job-seeking college graduates because of the average cost of living to salary ratio, which is $50,900. 

The St. Louis Regional Chamber provided News 4 with these statistics regarding college graduates:

  • 35% of regional college students were definitely likely to stay in the St. Louis region
  • 42% were undecided
  • Top areas that determine students choice on where to live are availability of good jobs, career growth opportunities, wage and benefits and cost of living
  • St. Louis ranks #7 in standard of living (cost of living + per capita income), according to the St. Louis Federal Reserve
  • Top job industries are IT, financial services, health care, advanced manufacturing and logistics
  • St. Louis' unemployment for college graduates as of April 2019 is 2.3%
  • Monthly median rent in St. Louis City is $618

Reilly Nix just graduated in 2018 from the University of Miami-Ohio and is currently working in his first job after college at the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce. He said it was easy to find a job in St. Louis.

"There are definitely more opportunities here in St. Louis," said Nix. "It's night and day, the rent cost here compared to the cities my friends are in."

Nix sees the same perks of working in St. Louis that ZipRecruiter Blog also pointed out.

"Having a 15 minutes commute downtown everyday is definitely a benefit," said Nix.

Valerie Patton is the Sr. Vice President of Inclusion and Talent Recruitment for the St. Louis Economic Development. She says job applicants have the upper hand right now in St. Louis with so many job openings. 

"We have over 20,000 jobs that are available, that go online everyday," said Patton.

She says most of those job openings are in tech, healthcare, finance, and engineering. Patton also says entrepreneurs thrive in St. Louis because of the resources. 

"You have the eco-system around other startups, you have Cortex, you have R-Rex, you have Helix," said Patton.

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