ST. LOUIS ( -- A photographer hoping she can help change the narrative about Black men through her photographs will be appearing on the Kelly Clarkson Show Thursday.

Naisha Bailey-Johnson typically photographs newborns and families for her business, YoSnap Photo Booth and Photography in St. Louis. After seeing all the civil unrest, she decided to start the 'Black Fatherhood Project' to change the narrative about Black men. 

"It feels like the project will never end. I know is started out saying 20 fathers, but because there hasn't been a cease fire and there's not accountability happening. We have to continue to do the work, we have to continue to stand up and let our voices be heard," Bailey-Johnson said.

She plans on taking this projects to other cities to get the attention she feels it deserve.

She originally talked to News 4 two months ago about the meaning behind the mission she's on.

“I had been scrolling on social media and all that I saw was negative images of Black men, particularly jail shots, mug shots," said Bailey-Johnson. “I think there’s a thing that Black men are not affectionate. To see these men kiss their kids, hug their sons, kiss them on the forehead, that’s important for people to see so you can get a different perspective about our community.”

In July, she photographed seven fathers with their children, charging only $8.46 to honor George Floyd.

Joshua Johnson and his five-year-old daughter, Kori, was one of her first photo shoots. 

“We know there are tons of dads who are doing everything they need to do to take care of their kids, they have these amazing relationships," said Johnson. “We want people to know dads and Black fathers are present in their children’s lives and they are willingly doing these things and enjoying them just as much as moms are.

Bailey-Johnson's dream is to eventually have a gallery for the public to view the photographs. 

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