St. Louis doggy daycare braces for the busiest day of the year


ST. LOUIS ( -- Americans know to expect the grocery stores and highways to be busy on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but another business in St. Louis you might not think of is also experiencing a mad holiday rush.

"It is literally the single busiest day of the year for us," said Jeremy King, the owner of The Watering Bowl, a doggy daycare and boarding business. He says all three of their locations, including South County, Brentwood, and near the Grove, are full this Wednesday, and at least one of them has been booked for weeks.

"It's pretty crazy around here. Everyone else is preparing to go out of town and spend days with their family and of course, that means they have to find something to do with their dog and we are that something," said King.

Early Wednesday morning, there was a steady stream of dog owners dropping off their four-legged friends before heading out of town.

"Unlike the other holidays, Christmas or Fourth of July when the drop-offs are kind of spread out a bit because around that time people are taking extra time off, on Thanksgiving, everybody leaves town on Wednesday so everyone is coming in today to drop their dogs off," said King.

Between its three locations, hundreds of dogs will stay at The Watering Bowl over the holiday. King says they bring in extra staff to take care of the dogs and make sure the drop-off and pick-up process is seamless.

News 4 Anchor/Reporter

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