ST. LOUIS ( -- Adding more stress to contracting COVID-19, it's now possible to later get Post-COVID Syndrome. 

Dr. Hari Thanigaraj with SSM St. Clare Hospital, said Post-COVID Syndrome can be any of five heart issues. It can be mild or deadly if not caught early.

"We absolutely see patients who are in complete recovery or near complete recovery and are thinking that they are in recovery and weeks later come down with symptoms," said Thanigaraj. He says it is typically around 12 weeks after contracting COVID-19 that a patient may start to see symptoms of Post-COVID Syndrome. Those symptoms include dizziness, chest pain, heart palpitations and leg swelling.

"Is this just a bystander, is this just a coincidence? We don't know," Thanigaraj said. "With more scientific data in the coming months, we should definitely have some more clarity, but in the meantime, there's nothing wrong with having a heightened level of awareness and recognizing these symptoms so we don't miss anything."

He said it is important to note this is not common. Thanigaraj said not all COVID-19 patients end up with Post-COVID Syndrome and even fewer end up with severe cardiovascular problems caused by COVID-19. He said do not live in fear, just be aware and proactive if symptoms arise.

"It is a small number of patients coming down with COVID-19 cardiac manifestations, but it's still a sizeable chunk. So, we are already seeing that and I feel that we are going to see an increase in the number of these patients down the road," Thanigaraj said. "So, if you have any symptoms, do take it seriously and get medical attention right away and that's probably the best way to prevent long term complications."

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