ST. LOUIS ( -- A neighborhood is on edge Thursday after a couple was awakened to two people breaking into their home. 

Anne Marie Carroll says they were asleep when they heard a loud bang just before 5:30 Saturday morning at their home in the 5700 block of Waterman Boulevard in the Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood. 

Surveillance video from a neighbor shows someone pull an object from their shirt and throw it. Carroll says that object was brick, which she later found in her home. 

“There’s events are happening seemingly everywhere. That’s just not in the city, but in the county, in St. Charles County. You don’t have to look very far," said Dean Porter, who lives across the street. 

Porter says while the home invasion at his neighbor's house was unfortunate, he isn't overly concerned with crime in his neighborhood. 

"Having been in the area 35 years I’ve seen, you know, spikes coming and going. Every two or three years there’s an uptick for awhile, everyone gets excited and then things are either taken care of or they calm down," said Porter.

According to statistics from the St. Louis city police, total crime in the Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood is up this year 32 percent. Property crime is up 45 percent this year.

Among the crime in the neighborhood this year -- two armed carjackings. One occurred in July in the 6000 block of Waterman Boulevard not far from the scene of the home invasion. Another armed carjacking was reported in June in the 5700 block of McPherson. Police tell News 4 there has not been an arrest in either case, though both cars were recovered in Illinois. 

Carroll is now pushing #LeaveYourLightOn. She hopes neighbors will leave their porch lights on overnight, every night, to deter criminals. 

Porter supports the idea and says his are on a timer. 

“They pop on when it gets dark and they turn off in the morning when it’s light so I think for a few cents a day it’s well worth your time and I think it keeps people from lurking around," said Porter. 

Carroll says the two criminals got away with two sets of car keys and a wallet. She immediately changed cancelled all credit cards, had the cars towed and changed the locks. 

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