Generic Water Faucet

The Environmental Protection Agency said it will develop and set a limit -- known as a maximum containment level, or MCL -- for two of the chemicals, but advocates say it will take years of regulatory work before the standard will be set.

DELLWOOD, Mo. ( - Patricia Carlson said she was stunned when she saw a Missouri American Water employee turn the water off to her home Tuesday morning.

“The most important thing is this virus, it’s a deadly virus. In a time like this, why would you guys ever turn someone’s water off?” Carlson asked.

She said when she confronted the worker, he told her his records showed her property was listed has vacant.

“I’m very disturbed, I’m very confused, I’ve been crying all morning,” she said.

Carlson said six family members, including one who is receiving hospice care, are staying with her during this coronavirus 'stay-at-home' order.

Missouri American Water said the move to turn the water off was just a big misunderstanding.

Missouri American said in mid-March the previous owner cancelled their service and there was a miscommunication with the new owner of the property.

After News 4 brought this to their attention, a spokesperson said the utility is in the process of turning Carlson’s water back on.

Missouri American Water said they are not turning off water for delinquent accounts during this COVID-19 outbreak.

They said this situation was a mishap and they’re looking into why the employee turned the water off after seeing that the home was occupied.

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