SOUTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. ( -- South St. Louis County resident Kenny Schramm says county leaders need to follow Florissant’s lead and terminate their contract with Meridian Waste.

Meridian Waste generic

"If they can't fulfill it, they shouldn't have it," Schramm said.

Schramm’s complaints are the same as many others in the St. Louis area, missed trash pickups, bad customer service and in this case, he says a Meridian truck bent his fence.

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Acting Director Spring Schmidt of St. Louis County’s Health Department told News 4 over the phone that Meridian makes up 93 percent of their trash complaints.

That’s a total of 419 complaints on record.

The company services 20,000 St. Louis County residents.

"We are fundamentally focused on being in the role of trying to protect the services and the prices that residents ask for," Schmidt said.

Schmidt said although they’ve been meeting with Meridian, their current performance does give some cause for concern.

A spokesperson with Meridian sent News 4 the following statement:

We are speaking with the County on a regular basis, and I am happy to report that calls from the County regarding any misses are at a minimum.  We will always keep an open dialog with all our local government contacts - in challenging and good times - and we are pleased to report that the additional supervisor and Customer Care representatives we have added to our staff since KMOV’s initial coverage of St. Louis County’s concerns in May 2019 are resulting in much improved service both on the streets and in the call center.

Many contracts have recently gone to bid in which Meridian Waste was the incumbent and upon rebid of the contract was not the lowest cost provider.  In recent situations, the low bidder was awarded the contract.  Our company has made a pointed decision to focus on work in which we can internalize to our disposal sites within the state and which returns a fair and equitable return on the investment Meridian Waste makes in its trucks, carts, safety programs, and most importantly, its employees.  

St. Louis County officials say they’ve started a hot line specifically aimed at customer complaints with Meridian, the number is 314-615-HAUL.

Other county municipalities such as Frontenac and Lake St. Louis told News 4 they too are starting to have increased complaints from residents about Meridian.

Frontenac city leaders told News 4 if service doesn’t get better, they'll be looking for a different company.

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