OVERLAND, Mo. (KMOV.com) - Residents in St. Louis County are fed up and want to know why their mail is coming late or sometimes not at all.

"We’re getting our mail sometimes at night, sometimes we don’t get it. I had it delivered one night with a flashlight. The girl knocked on my door and walked off," said Overland resident Sandy Atchison.

READ: Overland residents frustrated by bad mail service

News 4 has been covering the ongoing mail issues in Overland for several months and asking the post office what it's doing to fix the problems.

“I stopped putting mail in my mailbox for them to pick up because I never know if they’re gonna stop to deliver my mail," said Yvonne Hellems.

Hellems says she hasn't received any of the packages she's ordered in the last two months. Some residents say some mail carriers won't deliver their mail if they have a dog.

“I think they just say that making up excuses," said Atchison. “I’ve had them walk on by."

Atchison says even when her dogs are inside her home, some carriers skip her home.

USPS tells News 4 that carriers use handheld scanners alerting them when a home has a dog and to take preventative measures.

“Are the preventative measures are not to deliver their mail?" said Atchison.

USPS says if a carrier is uncomfortable, they can bring the mail back to the post office. The regional manager for USPS adds people with concerns about their mail should contact their local postmaster.

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