ST. LOUIS ( -- News 4 spoke exclusively to the landscaper seen in a video showing the moments before and after a Glasgow Village man was killed. He said the deadly shooting was in self-defense.

The fiancé of 29-year-old Allen Waller describes his killing as senseless. The father was killed Sunday after a dispute erupted between him and his neighbor’s landscaper over grass clippings. Waller’s fiancé - who didn’t want to be identified - told News 4 they’ve been complaining to their neighbor for years about yard debris left behind by her landscaper.

News 4 obtained home surveillance video showing the moments before and after the shooting. The video shows the neighbor bringing two men to Waller’s door step. They go around the corner of the home out of frame, then seconds go by and the neighbor is seen sprinting across her yard. The video reveals a third man walking from a truck parked on the street with a gun.

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell’s office told News 4 they have taken the matter for charges under advisement because "of the element of self-defense." They said charges will depend on what additional evidence turns up. 

The landscaper and his family told News 4 they wish to remain anonymous after receiving a deluge of death threats.

The landscaper said he went to Waller’s home on Sunday after his client, the woman in the video, said he had an issue with grass blades blowing into this driveway.

“And I’m like 'sir, I understand there’s grass on your property, don’t you think the wind could have blown this over?'” the landscaper said.

The man said when Waller took them around the corner of the house, out of sight of the surveillance camera, things became intense.

The fiancée of 29-year-old Allen Waller says he was shot 4 times after a dispute erupted between him and his neighbor's landscaper.

“He pulls out his gun from his waistband and cocks it and starts waving it around to me and my brother and put it to my brother’s head,” the landscaper said.

The landscaper told News 4 he brought his two brothers with him after his client told him Waller’s been spotted by neighbors brandishing his gun during arguments.

News 4 has tried reaching out to Waller’s immediate family. Family members have expressed disappointment with charges not being filed yet in this case on social media.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell’s office would not be filing charges in the case. This story has been updated to reflect his office has taken the matter under advisement.


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News 4 Reporter

Ashli Lincoln is a general assignment reporter for News 4 St. Louis

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