St. Louis Co. Police Chief brushes off call for his resignation

Chief Jon Belmar (Credit: KMOV)

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar dismissed critics of Prop P and said he will hire more officers with money from a hike in the half cent sales tax.

"I would tell you that I think Prop P will give me the funding to at least get to 100 police officers, " Belmar says.

Prop P will go before voters on April 4.

Critics have argued that the wording of the referendum does not guarantee the extra revenue will mean extra cops.

"It's designed basically to give politicians hundreds of millions of dollars for which they won't be accountable for one dime," said Tom Sullivan, a vocal opponent to the proposition.

Chief Belmar said the tax hike is an investment in the county's future and will allow for more economic development.

The sales tax hike is expected to raise about $46 million annually for the County Police and another $36 million to be divided up among the county's municipalities.

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