WEST ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- A west St. Louis County man said he was blindsided by confusing credit card charges that eventually totaled several hundred dollars.

Al Primerano, 82, of Ballwin lives on a fixed income.

The disabled senior citizen counts on Social Security for living expenses, so when he noticed a reoccurring $14.95 charge on his bank statements, he started to investigate.

Primerano said the charges occurred twice monthly from something called USA Signals VIP Insider.

He remembered purchasing a gift for a niece “a couple years ago” from an online catalog called Signals.com but said he never agreed to enroll in a reoccurring membership program.

The senior said he never authorized it, and doesn’t know what the service offers.

The USA Signals VIP Insider lists a PO Box address in Connecticut but the company behind it is Clarus Commerce.

According to the Clarus Commerce website, the company supports 50 plus premium loyalty programs.

A call to the company was  not returned.

News 4 also contacted the call center for USA VIP Signals Insider.

A representative said Primerano was charged $14.95 on 30 different occasions beginning in November 2017 for a total of $452.48.

The representative confirmed Primerano was enrolled in two memberships, but also confirmed the accounts are cancelled and a full refund will be given.

Primerano admits he doesn’t always check his bank statements but he plans to from now on.

He still doesn’t know how he was enrolled and it doesn’t appear he’s alone.

There are several complaints listed online about the fee, including a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

Another individual wrote, “I was checking our bank account and noticed a debit of $14.95 from Signals VIP Insider. Neither my husband nor myself agreed to this and have not heard of this company.”

UPDATE: March 14 

After being contacted by News 4, Signals VIP Insider agreed to refund all of Primerano's money. Thursday, he confirmed the refund was issued.

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