ST. LOUIS ( -- Many local business owners say most customers have been very understanding of the new guidelines they're required to follow as more businesses re-open their doors.

“Before they’re even allowed into the restaurant, they have to meet our hosts here. They get walked into the restaurant directly to their table. Anyone on a wait, they take their and their phone down on our little iPad there and they go back to their car and wait," said Josh Courtney, service manager for Joey B's in Manchester. 

Joey B's started offering dine-in services Monday like many other businesses in St. Louis City and St. Louis County. While his staff didn't remove any tables inside, they did block off several to make sure customers are sitting six feet apart. 

“Only time will tell how this will work on a Friday, Saturday with moving on in the future with this lower capacity," said Courtney.

Across town in north St. Louis, co-owner of Crown Candy Kitchen, Andy Karandzieff, said about 60 percent of his customers are wearing masks despite the sign on his door asking everyone to wear one inside. 

“You could tell when people would, for lack of a better word, arch their back and like you know like I’m not wearing a mask and they are very up front and firm about it. I’m like okay we’re not gonna fight you. It’s a suggestion. That’s what we’d like you to do. If you don’t want to do it, go in, get your stuff and next case," said Karandzieff.

While masks are only recommended to be worn in public, not required, St. Louis County and City business can refuse to serve you if you are not wearing one. 

“I could choose to not serve you but then the not serving you is initiating a confrontation possibly and it’s just not worth the fight right now," said Karandzieff.

Restaurants News 4 have spoken with so far said things are going smoothly so far.  

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