ST. LOUIS ( -- The St. Louis Cardinals and a Major League Baseball-affiliated blog are taking extra steps to help minor leaguers.

Tara Wellman doesn't just cover Major and Minor League Baseball, she's also an advocate for Minor Leaguers.

"Minor leaguers are kind of the heart and soul of baseball," Wellman said. "They are what allows the sports to continue year in and year out. There's just not enough attention paid to what they are and who they are, and what they're struggles tend to be."

With uncertainty on when professional baseball will return, some minor league players are left without a consistent paycheck or resources they may need. 

"They are only paid during the season, they are only paid when they are on a regular season roster so they are not paid for Spring Training anyway," Wellman said. "Then to kind of indefinitely know when they are going to get a paycheck after the fact like I said it just already adds to a larger issue."

The MLB took a step forward last week announcing that minor league players shut out of spring training camps will receive, in a lump sum, per diem allowances from teams, but only through April 8.

"It really is just such a small step," Wellman said. "It's not going to be enough for these guys to be able to survive once you get past that the season was supposed to start on April 9th. It's a good measure for now but I'm very curious to see what they do beyond that."

That's why Wellman and the blog Birds on the Black are doing what they can to help minor leaguers.

"We actually just launched a brand new line of merchandise at Birds on the Black with a special logo that's a nod to the minor league logo," Wellman said. "It's really just a way to have a tangible piece of something that shows this is how I'm supporting these guys who are the future of the game.”

All proceeds from everything bought with that logo will go to which is an organization that helps baseball players. 

Visit for more information.

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