ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. ( -- Law enforcement seized cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl from two separate traffic stops in St. Charles County, Prosecutor Tim Lohmar announced Tuesday afternoon.

“We have reason to believe these individuals, while unrelated, all the individuals are part of larger criminal organizations that are involved in the trafficking of drugs,” Lohmar said.

Police officers pulled over a moving truck Tuesday morning along eastbound I-70 near Wentzville Parkway. The officer said the truck was pulled over for traffic violations.

The truck was being driven by Tinkiqua Bosley, police said, and Adam Hutchinson was the passenger.

After getting consent to search, police said they found drugs duct taped inside a large air compressor. Police said nine of the 11 packages found in the truck were identified as cocaine. Another package tested positive for fentanyl. The package weighed 993 grams. Law enforcement said the drugs in the truck were worth approximately $410,000.

Hutchinson told law enforcement that he and Bosley picked the moving truck up from a store in Los Angeles. They allegedly took the truck to Hutchinson’s brother’s recording studio in L.A. where other people loaded the truck. Hutchinson said he and Bosley then took off for their trip to Ohio.

Tinikqua Bosley and Adam Hutchinson

Tinikqua Bosley and Adam Hutchinson were charged with drug trafficking in St. Charles County.

Hutchinson told police he had no idea there were drugs in the truck.

In the probable cause statement, the detective wrote, “It should be noted, Bosley and Hutchinson provided conflicting statements about their travels.”

On Monday, a St. Charles County officer pulled over a car along I-70 near Foristell. After smelling marijuana, the officer asked for permission to search the car. It was given and the police officer found a single package of drugs that had been duct taped.

Police said the field test revealed the drug was heroin. Police said the street value of the drug is over $35,000.

The driver, Jose Ochoar Jr., told law enforcement that he and his mother, Diana Ochoa, were being paid to drive the car from California to Chicago, but claimed to not know what was inside the car. The probable cause statement says Jose Ochoa refused to say who was paying him.

Jose Ochoa Jr and Diana Ochoa

Jose Ochoa Jr. and Diana Ochoa were charged with drug trafficking in St. Charles County.  

In his press conference, Lohmar defended police officers for their work in the forfeiture program they participate in with the federal government calling it valuable to the community.

“We know this, that the eastbound traffic usually is carrying the drugs. The westbound traffic is usually carrying the proceeds of the sale of those drugs,” Lohmar said, talking about I-70. “Our officers are out there on both sides trying to take away the cash which is going back to the cartels. That’s how the cartels get hit is the cash. They don’t really care about the drugs.

“Our community is the one who cares about the drugs. So not only are we taking away the money from the cartels but we’re taking the drugs back from the community.”

All four people have been charged with drug trafficking, and they are all in custody. Hutchinson and Bosley have a bond of $50,000 cash-only while Jose and Diana Ochoa are being held on $100,000 cash-only bond.

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