ST. CHARLES COUNTY ( - St. Charles County continues to be one of the fastest growing counties in the state and a Master Plan hopes to address growing pains over the next decade.

Currently, there are 396,448 people living in St. Charles County, that’s expect to balloon to 470,437 by 2030.

The Master Plan 2030 addresses goals to continue the growth over the next 11 years, including bringing more young people to the county, building affordable housing for varying socio-economic levels and growing jobs.

“Over 60 percent of our workers still leave the county to go work somewhere else so that's something we want to address,” said Michael Hurlbert, Director of Community Development.

Specifically, they hope to attract more corporate headquarters and Class A offices.

The land is there, there are multiple empty plots throughout parts of the county. They are looking specifically at filling in lots at Highway 61 and Highway A near General Motors. Other areas of interest include the Highway 370 Corridor, Highway 364 and to promote redevelopment of existing sites along Interstate 70.

With a booming population comes a strain on services. The St Charles County Ambulance District says the recently passed bond issue will help them tackle the next decade of growth.

“We’ve got a number of other locations scouted out that we know are going to become a need in the future,” said Kyle Gaines, the Director of Community Relations for the Ambulance District.

The Master Plan calls for an expansion of police, fire and ambulance service in the county. It also calls for the county to work with the state to build a public safety broadband network.

You can read the plan here.

It will be voted on by the end of the month.

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