ST. CHARLES COUNTY ( - Ruth Ann Koch’s mother has lived in her West Alton home for decades.

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“Its home, she’s lived her most her life,” Koch says of her 94-year-old mother.

On Tuesday, Koch walked through her mom’s home with Jared Agee, the director of the St. Charles County Building and Code Enforcement.

Agee says they have done around 3,400 initial inspections, many by air, of the damage caused by the flooding from the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. But by law, they must complete detailed assessments before homeowners can start cleaning up and repairing. It is also required for any kind of FEMA aid.

While the water may be gone it’s left behind mold. Koch’s mother’s home is covered in mold, from the cabinets, to the furniture, to the walls.

The mold plus the fact that the electrical wiring is all wet caused the department to put an “unsafe” sticker on the home.

According to St. Charles County, if the building is deemed inhabitable, homeowners must obtain permits to make any repairs and those repairs must be inspected and approved before the county will deem it safe for occupancy.

Agee says they have done roughly 250 detailed inspections, and they know there are many more to be done but they need homeowners to call.

“We’ve got staff to come out and do these detailed assessments, but we need to know where to go, we need to know where the water is out of the property so we can safely enter it and get it done,” Agee said.

To schedule an inspection, please call 636-949-7345. or visit

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