SOUTH ST. LOUIS ( - A family in the Bevo Mill neighborhood says they had to duck to avoid getting shot during a shootout on their street. 

Carlos Aguilar tells News 4 he was getting ready for work Saturday afternoon when his mom, stepdad, cousin, and 12-year-old brother were outside on the porch. He says they heard gunshots coming from down the street. 

“Before you know it they just came down the street, my mother went inside, my cousin, my stepfather and my brother just duck down to the ground," said Aguilar. “A bullet could have hit you know either one of my family members, you know kids out here playing.”

Aguilar says the gunmen were shooting at each other from their cars as one was chasing the other. His family's home surveillance video caught the cars speeding past and his family ducking for cover. People who live on the street tell News 4 they heard as many as 10 gunshots. 

“You hear a lot of shooting around but it was kinda like the closest encounter we’ve heard around my house," said Aguilar. 

The shooting comes less than one week after police say two men were shot when they tried robbing a home about one mile away in the 4600 block of Varrelmann

Wednesday night after the double shooting, crime was the topic of conversation at the neighborhood's meeting with city leaders. Residents told city leaders addressing smaller problems like temporary license plates and problem properties is a good place to start to clean up crime in the area.

Until action is taken, the Aguilar family hopes to avoid another close call. 

"It’s just crazy to think when I was younger I’d come out here no problem. Now parents have to second guess their decision of letting their child out in the streets. It’s not so safe anymore," said Aguilar. 

Thankfully, no neighbors were hurt during the shootout.

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