ST. LOUIS ( -- A South County man says he's tired of his Oakville neighborhood flooding every time it rains. He says the flooding happens because of the drainage system and wants the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) to fix it. 

"It’s like our lives are on hold because we can’t do nothing until this situation gets resolved," said Dave Mayer. 

Mayer tells News4 the water has torn up his backyard over the years to the point where he can't add on to his home like he planned. Mayer also says the flooding has exposed two electrical wires that run to his garage. 

“We’re afraid to cut the grass. We’re afraid to have the kids back here playing. It’s a safety hazard," said Mayer. 

The issue is because of the storm sewers up the street near Gerry Grosse's house, Mayer said. The sewers collect rain water and dump them into Grosse's backyard, which then flows into Mayer's yard. He says a pipe that was installed underground several years ago isn't properly working.  

“If this was piped like it was it was supposed to be underground, we wouldn’t have this problem. Everybody would be happy," said Grosse. 

Grosse says he and his wife have reached out to St. Louis County and MSD about this issue multiple times since the 1970s. They say MSD tells them there isn't money to fix the problem. 

“If you needed the money you could get it," said Grosse.

Sean Hadley with MSD tells News4 that since it's a public utility, it relies on tax dollars. Hadley says MSD is only funded to do sewer maintenance like fix broken pipes, not fix sewer issues like this situation in South County. 

Hadley adds that MSD tried to get more money in April with Proposition S, but taxpayers voted against it. Hadley says there are more than 500 sewer-related projects in the county and city that are at a standstill until money is budgeted. 

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