SOUTH ST. LOUIS ( - A South County video game store owner says he is out at least $100,000 Friday after he says thieves broke into his Fenton store and stole a safe containing rare video games.

Jason Brassard owns Trade-N-Games on Gravois Road. He tells News 4 someone broke through the window of this store around 4:30 Friday morning. He received an alert from his security company about the break-in and rushed to the store, he says. 

“They came and got the best stuff in one swoop," said Brassard. “This may be the first of its kind – an actual video game heist."

Brassard says the burglars took the safe from the back room where he has his office. Brassard believes the thieves tried breaking into the safe, and when they couldn't, they took the the whole thing. 

“In the safe was about 150 video games, all original in-their-boxes video games," said Brassard. “First edition Atari games, first edition Nintendo games, Super Nintendo games."

Brassard says just one of those games was worth $20,000. He planned to sell the rare games soon and use the money to buy a house. 

This burglary comes just a few months after Brassard posted a video on YouTube showing him unboxing the rare video games that were stored in the safe. 

“I think someone probably saw that video, yes... I don’t show the safe, but it’s behind me and it’s there and they know I’m excited and we always talk about how much things are worth," said Brassard. 

He says he's now second guessing what he posts online. 

“A lot of people won’t share what they have and I understand a little more clearly why, but sharing has always been what I’ve done with everything," said Brassard. 

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says it's following up on a couple leads. There's no word yet on a possible suspect. 

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